Public Housing

We have four complexes located within the city limits.

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Public housing was established to provide safe affordable rental housing for low-income families, elderly individuals and persons with disabilities. We have four complexes located within the city limits. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development commonly referred to as HUD administers Federal Aid to local housing agencies that manage housing for low-income residents. Rents are income based so that they are affordable.

Application Process and Waiting List:

Applicants must complete an in person application to be placed on the waiting list for Public Housing. You can get some of the needed paperwork online by clicking Apply Now below. You will still need to schedule and in person interview with our Occupancy Specialist. The Oxford Housing Authority (OHA) has a working family preference, where the head of household, spouse, co-head, or sole member is employed at least 20 hours per week. A person age 62 or older, or a person with disabilities, will also be given the benefit of working preference.


Once you reach the top of our waiting list you will be contacted by our Occupancy Specialist. Eligibility is based on annual gross income, family size, previous rental history, credit and criminal background checks. This program is limited to U.S. citizens and specified categories of non-citizens who have eligible immigration status.

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